• 1. High Quality Embroidery

    Crafted from the softest, highest-quality materials, our cute plushies are irresistibly cozy and oh-so-huggable. The plush fabric provides a gentle touch against your baby's delicate skin, creating a soothing and comforting experience. We only use high-quality materials to craft your plushie. This includes all our embroidery thread, stabilizer, backing, and much more. We don't try to cut cost in this area, because we believe in delivering you a plushie that will last a lifetime.

  • 2. We Partner with a Reputable Brand

    We embroider your design on Cubbies® lovies. Cubbies® is a highly reputable brand and has an established history of making high-quality plushies and lovies for all ages. Cubbies® products have been certified for all ages and have undergone numerous National and Global Children's safety tests.

  • 3. Attention to Detail

    Our cute plushies are designed with love and attention to detail, making them the perfect snuggle buddy for your little bee. Each stitch is carefully placed, ensuring that the plushie is durable and ready for hours of playtime and cuddles. That's why our cute plushies are crafted with unique details and vibrant colors that
    ignite the imagination. Each one is meticulously designed to be as cute as can be, making it a beloved companion for playtime, naptime, and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, they are! Each plushie features a Unique zip design. This enables you to remove stuffing pods and safely wash your Cubbies teddy. This means that, no matter how many times this soft toy is washed, it will not become misshapen over time.

We promise to ship your plushie within 7 business days.